Friday, April 09, 2010

Friday Happies 4/9/10

I didn't write my usual Monday Gripes this week because Monday was such a beautiful day...warm, sunny, flowers blooming...that I just couldn't think of anything to gripe about! And that's a good thing, something to mention on my Friday Happies page.

Today, alas, is rainy, misty and gray. But that's what makes all those flowers bloom, I keep telling myself. I just hope it doesn't cause another landslide on our road...which has been closed for a week or two since the last one. Sheesh.

Yesterday was Grand Central Station at the bird feeders. I've kept the feeders filled all winter, but rarely saw any birds there. Well, spring has changed all that, apparently.

During the brief two-hour period where I was in sight of the feeders, I saw: pigeons, grackles, starlings, a blue jay, woodpeckers, a goldfinch, juncos, a purple finch, mourning doves, and brown-headed cowbirds. It was a real food fest! They went through the entire block of suet that was out there, and half the seed in the seed feeder.

Also, I've noticed the house wrens have returned to the birdhouse on the side porch and are busy screeching while building this year's nest.

And as if that weren't enough bird news, Koko may get to come home this weekend! When I visited him on Tuesday, they said he had begun to refuse the liquid baby food, so as soon as his weight stabilized on the regular bird food, he could come home. I'm certainly excited about that!

So all this happy bird chirping and watching can't help but make me happy, even on a gray spring day. What spring events cheer you the most?


Heather Garcia said...

Koko might come home this weekend?? That would be awesome!!!

Elizabeth Delisi said...

Yes, I will probably go get him tomorrow. Or Monday at the latest. I visited him on Friday and he's comfortable with me and very curious about everything! I think he'll be fun.