Monday, March 08, 2010

Monday Gripes 3/8/10

Ah, it's Monday again. So that must mean it's time to gripe about something! I'm sure I can come up with an issue, griping is never difficult...

Oh yeah, I remember. This gripe is easy. My DH and I were out for a ride on Sunday. We like to travel the back roads, and take our time to enjoy the sights. If someone closes up behind us, we usually pull over and let them pass. Hey, we're polite, and we know what it's like to be stuck behind someone going slower than we want to go.

So, on Sunday, this car was tailgating us. As soon as we could find a good spot to do so, we pulled over to let him by. He passed us, and we resumed our drive.

And then, the guy in front of us slowed down. And slowed. And slowed. Eventually, we're inadvertently tailgating HIM because he's slowed down so much. Clearly, it's a deliberate action on his part as he's going way slower than the road requires.

Now, I confess at this point my DH might have made a rude gesture. :-) But really, it was deserved.

At any rate, this continues for many miles--him slowing down, us fuming behind him. At last we approached a spot where we could pass, and we pulled out to do so...only to have Mister Roadhog pull into the left lane, clearly with the intent to block us from passing, and nearly causing a collision.

As you can imagine, the testosterone was flowing at this point. It was almost palpable. I tried to calm DH down, reminding him that I was too young to die, the guy was an a**hole, and we should just let him go be an a**hole by himself.

Eventually, we came to a stop sign. The guy sat there and sat and sat, combing his hair, looking at us in the mirror, waving. What a twenty-four carat jerk!

He pulled out at last. My DH pulled out right behind him...and made a U-turn to go back the way we had come. So at last, the horrifying event was over, and DH felt that he "won" by refusing to continue to participate. Which is good, as I was sure I was going to die...

So tell me, what the heck is up with this? Why would someone decide to go to war with us, for no better reason than we were nice enough to pull over and let him by?

Sheesh. Sometimes I have no hope for the continued existence of the human race.

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