Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Happies 1/22/10

A second installment of Friday Happies. I hope whoever is reading this blog enjoys the new features!

Yesterday was my grandson's birthday, and that reminds me how happy I am to be a Nana. I enjoyed raising our children, but it was a 24/7 job with the heavy responsibility of raising them "right," instilling in them our values, and seeing that they could stand on their own as adults and be happy. That can put a lot of strain on a person!

As a grandmother, I can enjoy the hugs and kisses, the pictures presented with pomp and solemnity, the excitement of Christmas and birthday mornings, and the sheer innocent love of a child for a grandparent...and I don't have to worry that child won't turn out right because of me.

I think grandchildren are a reward, and I'm so delighted I did something right to deserve them! Far from making me feel old, they make me feel young again as I remember their mother's childhood years, and I get to enjoy them over again.

And my second bit of happiness today is that it's Friday. TGIF! I'm sure people the world over feel the same way. Friday for me is a break in my everyday routine. Instead of writing and editing all day, I put in a mere hour or two. Then I grab my shopping list (and the cooler, if it's much above freezing outside) and get the groceries, stashing the perishables in the cooler. Then I meet my husband at his workplace, and we go out for lunch. It's become a tradition that we both look forward to, to mark the start of a weekend where we'll get at least a *little* free time.

How about you? What traditions do you have that bring you joy?

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