Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Upcoming Chats

I have a couple of chats scheduled...and somehow, they're both scheduled for April 22! Sheesh. My brain sometimes goes on strike without warning. ;-)

Luckily, they're both all-day chats, so I won't have any trouble being a presence on both. Here's the info:

Chat #1: Join me at the Loves Romances Café Yahoo loop: for a day of fun chatting about my books, a contest or two, questions and answers, blurbs and excerpts, and lots of gossip. Be there or be square!

Chat #2: Come talk to the authors of the ONE TOUCH BEYOND paranormal anthology. Elizabeth Delisi, also the author of "Since All Is Passing" and "Lady of The Two Lands"; Chris Grover, also the author of "Where's Michelle" and "Without A Clue"; Kim Cox, also the author of "Suspicious Minds"; Maureen McMahon, also the author of "Shadows in the Mist" and "Return of the Gulls"; Sheryl Hames Torres, also the author of "Enigma." Where: Latte Lounge at Coffee Time Romance Forums, When: All day. Five authors, contests, and lots of fun! Hope to see you there.


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