Saturday, February 16, 2008

Guest Blogger Elaine Hopper

Please help me welcome today's guest blogger, romance author Elaine Hopper!

Below you'll find an interview with Elaine, and more info about her many fabulous books. Do check them out.


Q: Elaine, thanks so much for being my guest today. Can you tell us a little about you and your books?

A: Thank you, Liz. I'd be delighted to. I write primarily comedy romance, but also some suspense and a paranormal. Over The Moon/My Baby Too (anthology) and Double Dare are available at Awe Struck. My story "Curse of Osiris" is part of the Enchanted Holidays anthology available at Cerridwen Press.

Q: When did you first start writing, and what inspired you?

A: I think I was a born writer. I began writing short stories when I was six, so almost as long as I can remember. I used to write stories for my Dad. There was one about a flying Sphinx. I wish I'd saved it.

Q: If only you'd known then what you know now! Tell me, do you have any writing rituals?

A: I keep a steno pad and pen with me at all times in case an idea comes to me when I'm away from the computer, or in case I get a few extra minutes to write (long traffic lights, kids' softball games, waiting in doctors' offices, when my husband is driving). My primary writing is at Borders and Barnes & Noble, however. I have to have a large diet cola and often a toasted bagel with cream cheese on which to nibble. I hunker down in a comfortable chair, put my MP3 player in my ears to drown out all the other noise, and I write - usually for hours at a time.

Q: That sounds fabulous! What's your writing schedule like?

A: Since I work a full time day job and two of my children are still in school, I'm pretty busy. My schedule revolves around them - LOTS of softball games, practice, and pitching lessons, etc. So I write a lot late at night before bed. If it's not too late, I'll go to Borders or Barnes & Noble. On weekends, I go to the bookstores a lot to write, too. Sometimes I'll go to the local library instead.

Q: What books are you reading right now for pleasure?

A: I still haven't finished the most recent Harry Potter, so that. I'm also reading a vampire romance by Patrice Michelle, and a Harlequin Next by Hank Phillipi Ryan.

Q: Sounds like you have lots of varied reading interests. Who's your favorite author and why?

A: Stephen King and Sherryl Woods. I love their characters, their plots, and their prose.

Q: What historical figure is your hero or heroine?

A: Does he have to be real or fictional? Can I say Superman? Clark Kent? I adore him in all his permutations.

Q: Of course! Who doesn't? So getting more down to earth, what's your idea of a perfect real man?

A: One who makes me laugh, who is responsible but doesn't take himself too seriously, one I can have fun with. One who lights my fire.

Q: Definitely, we want that fire lit! What's your image of an ideal date with your perfect man?

A: I love to slow dance, swim, be near water. I love music and moonlight. So any combination of those and I'll be in Heaven.

Q: Sounds great! Can you give us a hint of what story you're working on next?

A: Harlequin Next-type books. One is almost completely edited, and two more are in the earlier stages.

Q: Sounds wonderful. And finally, is there anything else you'd like to tell my blog readers?

A: My website is at Elaine Hopper and I'd like to invite you to visit me there. I love to get email from my readers. If you're also a writer, never stop writing, never stop submitting, and work with a critique group.

Thanks Liz, for having me as your guest today!


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Unknown said...

Thank you for having me here, Liz. I always enjoy chatting with you and I love the post about plotting with tarot cards.