Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New Cover, and Release Date

First, I want to share the lovely new cover art with you for my upcoming release, ONE TOUCH BEYOND:

Perhaps "lovely" isn't the right word. Maybe spooky? I think it's amazing, and I'm only slightly prejudiced. ;-)

Second, I have the release date and ISBN for ONE TOUCH BEYOND:

Release Date: February 21, 2008

ISBN: 978 1419914812

Check here for the latest updates!

Now, on an unrelated topic: how many of you have websites? Of those who do, how many of you do your own website development?

Of those who do...what program do you use, and why would you recommend it?

I've been doing my own HTML coding for my website for forever, and since I've never learned a lot about HTML, that means my website rarely changes, and then only a bit at a time. I'd like to change that...I'd like it to be more dynamic and easier for me to do wonderful things with. So I suspect I'm going to have to go to some type of website development software. But it needs to be easy to figure out, and did I mention it needs to be cheap or free? ;-)

Any suggestions welcome!


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